About Global Fuel Recovery, LLC

Global Fuel Recovery, LLC was created by Mike Smith to fill an on-line void in the sale of distressed used oil products.
Seeing a need to connect generators of new and used oil products to consumers of new and used oil products,
Mike organized a group of software developers and experts in Internet sales to develop the Global Fuel Recovery website.
Feel free to contact Mike with any suggestions you may have about this site.

Mike Smith has over twenty years experience in the used oil and petroleum reclamation business.
With contacts in all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, Mike is able to find solutions for off-spec distressed and unwanted hydrocarbon material.
As the proprietor of Global Fuel Recovery, LLC, Mike manages day to day operations and keeps a focus on customer relations.

Give Mike a call at 501-454-6492
or eMail at msmith@GlobalFuelRecovery.com